Your Wellness Team


 Catherine Hiltz

Catherine started her journey to helping people feel better seven years ago as a Reflexologist and continuously  expanding  her knowledge of Reflexology by training in specialized areas such as Lymphatic Drainage, Plantar Fasciitis,Indian Head Massage and incorporating essential oils into her various treatment methods. 

She loves to  walk with her great Pyrenees Rowan and spends as much time as she can camping and exploring the coast lines.  Spending time with family and friends is very important to her as love is one aspect of wellness

 Along the way clients have become friends that have supported her in forming this dream of what wellness should be .



Meg Lajoie

Meg is a mother, artist and energy worker.

Meg loves creating,  She paints intuitively and creates with her heart everything she touches turns into something.

Her belief that the energy used towards creating is spirit connecting.

 Using this philosophy, Meg’s practice of Reiki  and her intuitive touch helps find where the energy flow is restricted or needed .


Carrie May and Krista Tupper

Yes, we are still here offering you amazing services, but we are so much more than that. we are that best friend who you can trust and always tell you the truth.

We are constantly learning so we can share the amazing things that are available to make your life better, easier and more fulfilled.

With our weight loss program, we help you stick to your diet, and are your biggest cheerleaders.

Using our products and treatments for skin and body we can teach you the things you need to know to care for your skin and body to make it last and perform for you at its best.