essential oils

Essential oils

Plants, herbs and their derivatives have been used by humans for centuries as a medicine, food and in a variety of ceremonies, we have also used them to adorn our homes and our bodies.

In spite of the great advances in our scientific knowledge the statement above still holds true. Not very long ago herbalists were the pharmacists and healers of their day .

These people were the caretakers of that great knowledge that was kept alive and affirmed our bond with nature.

Herbalist were once ridiculed for being simple and backward but now modern medicine has started to look again at what natural remedies can do. We are seeing more and more products advertised with all natural ingredients as the key selling feature.


Cooking with essential oils

Cooking with essential oils?

Ok, granted not something we think about very often but if you want to give a flavor boost to anything essential oils are the way to go. 

The one thing about essentials oils is the concentration. As an example,  1 or 2 drops of essential oil = 1 Tsp of Vanilla extract. Of course the essential oil is pure while the extract are essence of…..? and most times not naturally sourced. This concentration also makes essential oils very competitive price wise.

To start you off, think about a drop of essential oil of your choice in hot water and voila! you now have tea, it’s that simple.