Happy Leap year!

We celebrated February 29th with a party! because “grand opening” is just too boring.

A big thank you all our friends both old and new for coming out, we ended up going way past our original timings but no one seem to mind as you watched and participated in the demonstrations on the various modalities that we offer .

With so much going on we had lots of food left over even the chocolate candy was hardly touched! we also didn’t even have the time for the odd photo as everyone enjoyed each others company so much with lots of conversation but that’s OK because we achieved our goal and that was for everyone leave with a smile.

Rest and Restore

Sleep, Our time to Rest and Restore

Start by giving yourself time to let your body do what it does naturally.

Winter is a time that animals naturally sleep more. It is part of life’s natural cycle yet as humans we constantly fight against what our body needs. We become immersed in our work , T.V, electronic devices and wake up feeling tired and overwhelmed. “Where is the energy that I had last summer, last fall ?”you ask.

The idea of going to bed earlier is often resisted because we feel guilty, shame or even lazy. Have you ever felt this way? Give yourself permission to rest. Rest can come in many forms like an earlier bed time but can also include meditation, reflexology or reiki to name a few.

Today is the day you can start to prioritize your rest simply by following a few steps that can help lead you to a better nights rest.

  1. Go to bed earlier, if this seems daunting then start with a half hour earlier and see if this helps. It may be that you need to go to bed an hour earlier but the half hour is a start .
  2. Put away devices, phone, T.V. Computer at least one hour before bed. This is a difficult one for many as they use the reason that they feel this is their down time. In fact, it has been proven that the screen time keeps your mind active while you sleep and therefore contributes to your feelings of tiredness. Reading a book, spending time chatting with family, puzzles, etc are all things you can do to fill in that hour before bedtime.
  3. Optimize your sleeping area, with cooler temperatures and a darkened room. A tidy bedroom creates a restful area. Diffuse or use a spray of lavender in your room helps to contribute to lulling your mind and body to sleep Remember if you have been running on empty for a while , it will take more than one night to refuel your tank. At Wellness 180 you can explore other ways to optimize your quest for better sleep and more energy.

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